Digital Marketing Certification

A quality SEO expert doesn’t necessarily have a Digital Marketing Certification. The industry is unregulated so there are no requirements to pass an exam or attend a specific school. One of the challenges of life as an SEO expert is that, unlike say, a surgeon or a dog walker, most people don’t actually know what it is you do. A further challenge, as eluded to in a previous article (see SEO: the Botox of Online Marketing?) is that companies that you do SEO for may not necessarily want you to mention it. You are like a secret agent dispensing incredible marketing maneuvers behind the scenes to make your clients look good in all things digital while you remain in the shadows.

So What Does Digital Marketing Certification Accomplish?

So if you don’t need a certification to do digital marketing, what is the advantage of doing so? It really comes down to building consumer confidence. Since the work we do in SEO is often not overtly visible to the client, it has the potential to raise alarms “is this person really doing anything to my site?” When I implement structured data on a website, my clients can’t actually see the difference (unless they know how to code.) Yet this powerful tool can do wonders for increasing a website’s readability by search engines. When I research the heck out of keywords to ensure that people are actually searching for what you think they are, clients are often surprised to learn that the results are not what they expected.

There is a lot about SEO and digital marketing that happens “under the hood.” A certification is a point of data on your resume that helps clients feel confident about your work. If you’re looking for a good online program– and more importantly, an excellent learning resource, check out Tommy Griffith and the folks at ClickMinded.

Online Digital Marketing Coursework

ClickMinded offers digital marketing courses in topics ranging from Content Writing to Google Analytics to SEO. Founder Tommy Griffith has an impressive resume with over 10 years of SEO experience including leadership roles at both PayPal and Airbnb.

After applying strategies Griffith lays out in the program to the website Effesenden Music, I was able to achieve the holy grail of a top 5 Google local search result for several high traffic keywords. The conversion funnel I implemented based on the ClickMinded course has resulted in a 50% increase in customer inquiries. There are haters and naysayers out there but the money doesn’t lie. This course is worth the investment for people who want actionable digital marketing strategies presented in an entertaining and engaging manner.

Simplicity is Sometimes Best

I spend a lot of time reading blogs about code. The resources I find most valuable are those where the author doesn’t try to make himself sound really smart. After all, I’m not reading this stuff to find the most intelligent software engineer on the internet. I’m looking for solid content that will allow me to code, optimize and strategize effectively on behalf of my clients.

Beyond Digital Marketing Coursework

A course like ClickMinded is not going to turn you into a digital marketing expert overnight. To do this work well, you need experience, an understanding of the various platforms you’re working in and an abundance of tenacity. Still, for a great down payment on the fundamentals, this is an excellent resource. Check out Tommy’s new YouTube channel for more humor and straight talk on conquering the web.

Looking for a Trustworthy SEO Consultant?

At the end of the day, the best business relationships are built on great human interaction. If you’d like to pursue greater visibility for your website and more engagement with potential clients, let’s talk! And by the way, in case you’re interested, here is my SEO Specialist Qualification.

SEO Certification

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