Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: The Myth and The Magic

You know that you should be investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A high search result on Google is so powerful for bringing potential clients to your website. Unfortunately lots of misinformation prevails about what SEO is and is not. Many websites claim that their blog posts will provide everything you need for professional grade SEO. People trained in other disciplines tack on SEO as an add-on to their services. Why not get SEO along with other important services like branding, graphic design and traditional marketing? How hard can it be?

How Will I Know if I’m Getting Good SEO Service?

The thing to understand about a quick fix or “SEO on the side” service is that most of the time these approaches don’t work very well. SEO is very powerful when done right. How can you tell if your SEO is working? You should see a BIG jump in site visitors and more visitors who become customers. Read more about how to find a great Search Engine Optimization Specialist. When you look at the numbers, the real question becomes not whether professional grade SEO is worth the investment but “How much do you want your business to grow?”
Search Engine Optimization

The real question becomes not whether SEO is worth the investment but how much do you want your business to grow?

Should I Do My Own SEO?

For many busy small business owners, DIY SEO is just not a good fit. You have a lot on your plate as it is and the profit you’ll see from increased customers more than covers the cost of hiring a professional SEO consultant. If however you have a lot of time, solid coding skills, strong writing ability, endless tenacity and relentless attention to detail then DIY might be right on for you. With enough persistence and time investment, you can improve your Google ranking yourself. Jump to our Blog for tips and learning articles to help you grow.

Six Steps to SEO Greatness

At Starcatcher Creative, we follow a six step process of Search Engine Optimization. We always keep open communication and relationship at the forefront. While we are the experts at SEO, YOU are the expert at your business! If you’ve had the experience like many people of being talked down to by someone at a digital agency about providing Search Engine Optimization, please know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Contact us to start a conversation about getting your business up to the top of the page!

Step 1: Keyword Research

Do you know the words that your potential clients are searching for online? Using proven data research tools and unparalleled tenacity, we pinpoint the Keywords that will guide the work we do to drive traffic to your website. This includes not only selecting the most effective Keywords for you but also identifying the competition to develop a winning strategy based on relevant metrics.

Step 2: Site Audit

We conduct a detailed analysis of your website content to establish what can be enhanced to highlight your Keywords. On the technical side of things, we make small but powerful adjustments to the code that improve your site’s SEO performance. These steps can include look and feel on mobile and desktop screens, site speed, technical structure, appearance and placement of links and more. Consider this a full tuneup to make sure that your website is performing at its absolute best for Keywords and other SEO ranking factors.

Step 3: Content Enhancement

An effective website is compelling for humans and readable by robots. It can be hard to cater to both your human readers and the search algorithms but we will take your content and make sure that it accomplishes both objectives. Are your pages and articles rich with content related to your target Keywords without sounding spammy? Does your website direct customers from discovery to action? We optimize current content and recommend additional pages or articles as needed to accomplish these goals.

Step 4: Link Building

When other respected websites link to your site, it builds authority for your site and in turn pushes your search ranking up higher. Some people call these links “backlinks.” We make sure that existent references to your company are correctly linking to your site. We pursue reputable opportunities for your current pages and posts to be linked so you can increase your authority.

Step 5: Analytics

Before we begin optimizing your site, we gather metrics on how your site is currently performing and which competitors are ranking for your Keywords. We provide reports for 6 months so you can see how your site is performing for SEO. We can learn a lot from numbers to assess what is working for you and what areas of your business you may want to adapt or expand.

Step 6: Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Informed by the Keyword Research and your business goals, we continue SEO work on a monthly basis to compound the return on your initial investment. There are several reasons why it is important to continue SEO over a period of months.

  1. It takes time for SEO to take effect. During a period of months, we monitor the performance of your site for your targeted Keywords. If something changes– for example if a different Keyword becomes more beneficial, new opportunities for gaining backlinks arise, or if an implementation is not trending as expected, changes are made. Your net benefit will be much higher than if you do some optimization and then stop investing.
  2. Google frequently changes its search algorithm. This means that adjustments need to be made to your SEO accordingly even if you are having fantastic initial results.
  3. SEO is competitive. Other businesses in your industry are also likely to engage in SEO since it is so powerful and if you don’t maintain your advantage, it will likely degrade with time.
  4. Your customers may change in their search behavior. Technological advances like new types of devices, increased internet access/bandwidth, and broad consumer trends can all impact the way SEO should be implemented.
  5. You can make data-informed decisions because we provide monthly reports to you. This valuable insight shows how your site is performing for your keywords and how your customers are engaging with your website over time.

Ready to Get Started?

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