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SEO Consultant Qualities

5 Must Haves in a Quality SEO Consultant

Strong Communication Skills

First, find an SEO consultant who is easy to communicate with. Does he return your calls/emails? Does she listen to your goals and answer your questions? It’s common sense sure but sometimes people hold tech to a different standard in terms of good customer service. Just because we work in code does not mean that we cannot talk to humans! In fact, at Starcatcher Creative, we love the code but we only get to pull up the hood on a website and optimize it if we have a good relationship with the business owners who will benefit from our work. Ready to connect about your project? Let’s talk!

SEO Consultant

Get Metrics

Powerful SEO is measurable with good data. Your SEO specialist should obtain initial data and prepare a baseline report. After the initial website optimization a second report should be presented detailing work done and initial results. Monthly reports should then be provided for the duration of the contract.

The Master Plan- Clients not Web Hits

Ranking high on Google for your keywords is only half of the equation g The other half is that when people visit your website, they should move into a next step– joining an email list, scheduling an appointment, downloading a free resource: these are all examples of customer engagement. Your SEO Consultant should have a plan for how you can move your visitors through the funnel from visitor to customer. Make sure that they are enthusiastic about guiding you through the entire process.

Your SEO Specialist Should Know How to Code

Most websites whether on WordPress or SquareSpace or other types of websites use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What can we do with these front end coding languages? Well, everything! HTML needs to be written so that the code itself helps your SEO. CSS is very powerful for things like selecting smaller images for mobile devices and rearranging your page so that it looks good and load quickly on a mobile device. Mobile responsive design is currently one of Google’s ranking factors. Finally, JavaScript is arguably a “nice to have” but it is the code of choice for many valuable SEO oriented website features like popup contact forms. While many plugins and templates come with user interfaces that don’t require a knowledge of code, someone with programming training is going to have a deeper understanding and thus more control over the outcome.

The Right SEO Consultant is Someone You Can Trust

For some reason, SEO has acquired a reputation of being at best so technically complex that it cannot be talked about and at worst something akin to cheating. Neither is true. Still, great work by a talented SEO Consultant is not a replacement for having a solid business. In the end the real credit comes back to you, the business owner with the awesome idea, the specialized training and the wisdom to invest your resources in tools that shine a light on the great work you do. If you’re successful in business, then you know how to read people. SEO Specialists are people. Trust your instincts.

Ready to Stop Reading About SEO and Start Talking?

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We would love to learn about your business and answer your questions about Search Engine Optimization!

Praise For Starcatcher Creative

“Outside of Wendy’s fantastic coding chops, she is also a friendly, empathetic, and fun person to work alongside. Her positive attitude had a noticeable tendency to rub off, encouraging those around her to strive to be tenacious, focused and driven.”
~Stephen Young, Portland Code School

Creative and Strategic

“Wendy holds creativity and strategic vision that one can rarely find in a person. Her knowledge of the latest trends in the tech world has been very educational for me and contributed greatly to the functionality of my website.” ~Elvon Childs, CEO Eutology Learning, Engineering Career Guidance

A Problem Solver . . .

“Wendy’s flexibility and ability to overcome obstacles make her an absolute dream to work with. She is able to take a small idea and turn it into something functional and beautiful. Wendy works hard to make sure that our website works well and looks great on multiple devices.” ~Stephanie McCoy, Assistant Principal of Cathedral School Portland, OR

Client First

“Wendy Goodwin is timely, friendly, and a talented artist at making websites. I am a musician, and I came to her when I needed to take my site to the next level, so it could be ready for upcoming national media attention. I wanted it to look professional, beautiful and clear. She nailed it. She has great ideas, and is never shy to share her opinions, but always puts what the client wants first. I highly recommend her for anyone, but especially creatives.
~Naomi LaViolette, Musician