SEO Writing | What Does “Good Content” Really Mean?

SEO Writing is the art and science of creating supercharged written content for your website. Its purpose is to increase website visitors and customer engagement through your stories, articles, pages and posts. I say art because effective SEO Writing is storytelling, it is authentic and it is interesting. I say science because when SEO Writing is effective, it is solidly grounded in carefully vetted data analytics.

If you don’t have good content on your website, you can spend your life savings on SEO and it probably won’t buy you any business success. But what does good content really mean?

SEO Writing

Content Writing and The Dreaded Top 10 Lists

If you’re an entrepreneur or own a small business, your inbox and social media feeds are probably saturated with all kinds of sponsored ads about improving your online marketing.

“10 Must-Dos For Building a Monetized Instagram Profile,”

“5 Sure Fire Ways to Get 1000 Email Subscribers,”

. . . and on and on.

You’re An Expert. Write About It!

The advice seems endless. Some of it is probably amazing, but to have good content on your website, you really need to authentically communicate what it is you know; or as Oprah says: “What Do You Know for Sure?” You probably know a LOT about the products and services you offer. Don’t try to mold yourself into the latest gimmick. Share your knowledge, your passion, your expertise and you’re already well on your way!

SEO Writing Answers Questions

Answering Questions is Part of Great Customer Service

If you are having a face-to-face conversation with a potential client, you can respond to their questions and followup with examples and additional resources. It is very natural and if you’re good at business, you’re probably an ace at customer service. The trick with SEO Writing is that you are not face-to-face with that customer. You actually have to anticipate what questions they will be asking and provide great answers. Your answers need to be so clear that search algorithms (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) identify your site as the best resource for their needs. Imagine that you are sitting at a big round table with all of your competitors and one customer. Each of you has a chance to win that customer’s attention. How will you do it?

Oops! That’s the Wrong Question. Look to the Data

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with their website content is that they are answering the wrong question. You may think that you know what your potential clients are Googling but are you sure? Fortunately, there are great resources to be able to determine just that. You want to look at the search frequency of various keywords related to your business. Some keywords are already basically locked in by other websites and it’s going to be very difficult for you to win that customer’s attention at the virtual round table. The sweet spot is picking keywords that are heavily searched, but not locked in by such a formidable opponent that it takes everything you’ve got to capture that one question or keyword.

Top Recommendations for Choosing Keywords to Energize Your SEO Writing

  1. KWFinder is a great keyword research tool. You get a few free searches before you have to subscribe. Depending on your area of work, a subscription may be well worth the investment.
  2. SEOquake is a free Chrome plugin that gives you a ton of interesting data while you’re going about your normal day Googling.
  3. SEOBook is, according to their promotional materials a “fast, free and detailed alternative to the Google adWords keyword planning tool.
  4. And speaking of, you can still get a lot of interesting information from Google Analytics and Google Search Console that can help you make informed decisions about the questions you choose to answer on your website.

Ready to Call in the SEO Experts?

Once you’ve energized your website with authentic answers to the questions your potential customers are asking online, it may just be the best use of your time to call in an SEO consultant to fully optimize your website. It’s true that you can absolutely DIY SEO but I promise you this, it will take insane amounts of time. If your business (and perhaps your life) would be better off pouring that time into what you’re actually an expert in, consider bringing in an SEO expert to fine tune your SEO Writing and do a technical optimization of your website.

Get SEO Consulting

Great Content Leads to Great SEO Writing and Scores You Great Online Visibility

When I work with clients to improve their SEO, I apply both on-page SEO and off-page Search Engine Optimization. If the content is great to begin with — and by great I mean, it thoroughly answers just the type of questions that the company’s clients are asking, I can really multiply their investment by pushing that content out for the algorithms to gorge on. If the content is sparse, no matter what savvy SEO tricks I apply, there will be a point when a sale is not made due to poor SEO Writing. That is a situation that we all want to avoid.

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