Quick SEO: If You Only Have Five Minutes

A Fast and Powerful Shot of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly powerful tool to grow your business and quick SEO as an overall strategy is not advisable. But taking action–even if it’s small is so much better than doing nothing! Today, I present a fast, furious and effective hit of SEO to wet your appetite. Do it! You have nothing to lose, other than 5 minutes and it might be the 5 minutes that land you your next big client!
Quick SEO Shots of Greatness

#1. Does Your Web Page Have a Call To Action?

It’s great to see big numbers on web impressions and site visits but you really know you’ve got a website that works for you when website visitors are taking a next step to connect with you. This area is a really important one and worth more than 5 minutes of your time, but to get the ball rolling and feel a sense of accomplishment TODAY, add a link to your desired “next step” on one or more of your web pages in the main content– not the sidebar widget or footer area.

It could be a simple link taking the user to your contact page:
Contact Starcatcher Creative

Or it could be a button a visitor clicks to schedule a complimentary consulation:
Schedule a Consultation

Or it could be more interactive. Popups can be annoying but if done tastefully, they are a great option for user experience.
One of my favorite WordPress plugins is Popup Maker. You can check out the documentation here for this free and flexible plugin.

#2. Run a Reading Ease Test on Your Website Content

I love reading Hemingway but not when I’m researching products and services on the web. Interestingly your SEO can be dinged if your writing is too complicated. Copy and paste the content of your web page(s) into a Flesch readability tester. I like Readable. You can even get information like how positive or negative your writing is and whether it sounds more feminine or masculine. Know your audience and make sure your content reads well for your target demographic in addition to scoring well.

#3. Who Are Your Biggest Competitors On the Web?

You probably have a good sense of who some of your competitors are but do you know how their websites are performing compared to your own? I love the search tool www.serpchecker.com. Enter the search phrase that you want to research and see a list of top performing websites. Lots of customizations available within the site and a paid tier with tons more searches provided. Warning: this site can be addictive if you are a competitive person! Quick SEO Competitor Research

#4. Quick SEO Local Checkup

If your business is focused mostly on local clients, a simple and very powerful step is to make sure that your mailing address is on your website. You can link to a Google map if you want but just having your address there provides a point of authentication and can help your business show up higher in search results for potential clients searching in your city. Speaking of, do you have a Google My Business account setup? If not, drop those tacos you’ve been eating since number 3 and go do it now! This is huge huge HUGE for a quick, SEO conquest.

#5. And Finally, Know the Numbers

In order to see how effective these 5 minute shots of SEO Greatness are for you, check your Google Analytics account. If you haven’t been there for a while, spend a few minutes looking at the graphs showing your site’s performance over the past 7 days, 3 months and year. Google Analytics for Quick SEOIf you see positive changes at certain points think back to what you were doing at that time… did you get noticed on another blog or news site? Did you run a promotion? Does your business peak at certain times of the year such as summer vacations, new years resolutions or camping gear? Understanding the trends around your website traffic can go a long way in terms of helping you use your future five minute bursts in ways that will benefit your business.