6 Ways to Tell if WordPress is the Right CMS For Your Business

Today we are so excited to welcome WordPress business expert Nedra Rezinas, owner of Portland Web Design agency, Blue Deer Forest to the Starcatcher Creative blog. Nedra works with a great team of business partners to provide custom websites, training and consulting.
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I’ve been around to see some large changes in website design! When I started my company in 2005, websites were coded from scratch or with tools like Dreamweaver. Content management systems (CMS) – a platform that supports the organization of digital content, weren’t that popular. Around 2008, web designers, including myself, started adopting WordPress as a methodology to build a Website on. WordPress was just becoming recognized as more than a blogging platform and didn’t really emerge as a website platform until a few years later.

Now in 2018, WordPress is a major player as a website builder with over 30% of the internet is built on it! (source: w3techs.com) In my teachings, I refer to WordPress as the Custom Built house of the website platforms (this applies a lot when you compare it to Wix/Weebly/Squarespace.) I wrote an article comparing these three CMS options. If you want to compare Content Management Systems, you’ll find a lot more detail in that post. Today I want to focus on WordPress and why so many other successful business owners choose it as their website platform.

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Six Reasons to Choose WordPress

1. Does your business like using free tools?

Guess what – WordPress is open-source software. It’s software that is free to download and install. At the time of this writing, there are more than 18,000 themes and 35,000 plugins to choose from, most of those are free.

2. Are you more comfortable using supported software for your website?

WordPress is popular and there is an abundance of free and paid videos, tutorials, forums, and much more where you can. There’s lots of support out there including communities like WPBeginner, WPCurve, and I’m launching my own 7 course WordPress online class.

If you want to hire someone to build your WordPress site, there are many talented web designers available. As you begin your search, make sure to look at the websites the designers/developers in their portfolio, have a conversation with them on the phone or in person and see if they understand your vision. Also, be sure to ask them for references from past clients and see what kind of experience they had with them.

3. Do you like using the best blogging platform?

Many of my clients use blogging is a vital piece of their marketing for their business. WordPress is still #1 in blogging and was one of the pioneers on executing and making blogging popular. WordPress software was originally designed for only blogging in 2001, but by 2008, many business owners saw the customization and platform as a great tool to build websites on. Now it has evolved as a comprehensive website platform.

WordPress sites receive 22.17 billion monthly pageviews. (Source: torquemag.io)

4. Want to use the best SEO website platform?

WordPress offers many third party plugins as well as plugins tied to the theme to enhance your website’s search results. It is one of the most SEO friendly website platforms with features such as the ability to generate search friendly URLs. SEO plugins, like Yoast or All in One SEO, are great tools to really optimize a WordPress website.

5. Looking for new ways to be creative with your website?

There are an amazing variety of themes available, some free and some paid. WordPress allows you to swap out your entire website’s look and feel with different themes. This can be done with just the click of a button (depending on the complexity of the website).

Themes we recommend are the those at WordPress.org, StudioPress, and Elegant Themes.

6. Want a website where you can take charge and make changes yourself?

WordPress is increasingly easy to use. Similar to editing a Word Document, you can access pages and posts and make quick edits to images, text, and links. It’s simple to create a draft of a page you aren’t ready to launch and make edits to it and even share it with another colleague or business partner before launching. With a little training, I know you’ll be confident and be able to make changes on your own.

Interested in learning more from Nedra? Check out her upcoming “Build a Website in a Day online course, launching May 15th, 2018.

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